Solution Technology

Abaqus/Explicit employs solution technology ideal for brief transient dynamic events such as ballistic impact, automotive crashworthiness and consumer electronics drop testing. Abaqus/Explicit is extremely effective at handling severely nonlinear behaviour, examples being forging and the slow crushing of energy absorbing devices. Like the rest of the Abaqus range of simulation software Abaqus/Explicit is supported within the Abaqus/CAE modelling environment making it easy to use, reliable, and efficient for the user to obtain results for their simulation.

SIMULIA Abaqus Explicit

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Integrating Implicit and Explicit solutions

Within an Abaqus/Explicit run the results at any point can be used as the initial conditions for a continuation simulation in Abaqus/Standard. Also an analysis that starts in Abaqus/Standard can be continued in Abaqus/Explicit. This flexibility provided by the integration between Abaqus/Explicit and Abaqus/Standard allows the relevant parts of the simulation to be in Abaqus/Standard and Abacus/Explicit. An example of this is that part of the analysis can be in steady state whilst parts of the model are highly transient.

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