Computational Electromagnetic Capabilities

As part of the solving technologies in Abaqus/Standard it provides computational electromagnetic capabilities. This covers the simulation of problems involving steady-state electrical conduction, piezoelectric phenomena and low-frequency eddy currents. Whether you are looking at a generator or induction forming you can model and review the results within Abaqus/CAE.

Computational Electromagnetic Capabilities


Computational Electromagnetic Capabilities

Electromagnetics Solutions can be used as part of a Multiphysics Analysis

Abaqus/Standard provides properties for conductivity permeability, permittivity, non linear B-H curves etc so that a full understanding of the electromagnetic model can be achieved when reviewing the results.

And of course the electromagnetics solutions can also be used as part of a multiphysics analysis. Various examples of applications of this include induction heating, magnetic pulse forming and cogging torque within motors.

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