Technical Leader in Durability Analysis Software

fe-safe provides fast, accurate fatigue analysis predictions from FE models. Developed continuously by fatigue experts since 1987, fe-safe is the technical leader in durability analysis software. It not only works with stress based fatigue but focusses on multiaxial strain based methods to maximise the fatigue life of the components. This allows the user to accurately identify fatigue hotspots and optimise designs to improve quality and use less material.

 SIMULIA fe-safe Software

 SIMULIA fe-safe Software

Add-On Modules

fe-safe® is available with specialist add-on modules for high temperature fatigue, creep fatigue and weld fatigue using the patented Verity® structural stress method for seam and spot welds. fe-safe is the first durability analysis software to offer fatigue solutions for non-metallic with fe-safe/Composites™ for unidirectional and woven fibre composites and fe-safe/Rubber™ for elastomers.

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