SIMPACK is a Multi-Body Simulation (MBS) software utilising 3D models to predict the dynamic behaviour of any mechanical or mechatronic system. It is used to help engineers fully comprehend and optimise systems, vastly reducing the need for physical prototyping and therefore reducing time-to-market. In essence, by doing MBS, SIMPACK enables manufacturers to gain a competitive edge by offering the ability to create high quality products in a time and materially efficient manner thus reducing overall costs.

The speed of the SIMPACK solver makes it particularly well suited for analysing the dynamics of complex systems and can even be used for real-time analyses. Examples include complete combustion engines with over 3000 degrees of freedom and multiple flexible components have been validated by customers up into the acoustic range.


SIMPACK is deployed in the complete frequency range from static and quasi-static investigations all the way through to full transient non-linear analyses, even within the acoustic range. Standard interfaces to finite element, control, hydraulic software codes and bespoke software, allows all influences on the system behavior to be taken into account using a variety of techniques for example design of experiments, batch jobs and optimisation, all within the SIMPACK environment.

SIMPACK is primarily used within the automotive, railway, engine, wind turbine, power transmission and aerospace industries. Within all industries SIMPACK is used for single component design and complete system analyses. Besides taking internal dynamics and control into account, SIMPACK can also consider any external influences on the system, e.g. ground disturbances and aerodynamic loading.

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