XFlow CFD Aerospace

Aerodynamics:  External aero studies are an obvious application for any CFD code, and XFlow excels in this, whilst also offering many benefits when it comes to model set-up. 

The accuracy of XFlow in this sort of application is demonstrated by many reference benchmarks, which include the 1st and 2nd AIAA High Lift Prediction Workshop cases.

Flight Dynamics: The ability to allow parts the freedom to move, or be driven in a controlled manner allows users to investigate flight dynamics scenarios.  Full polar sweeps for flaps and other devices and equipment are possible, breaking through the barriers imposed by more traditional CFD technologies.

Fluid structural interaction: The holy grail of multi-physics technologies, FSI is essential if real world situations like ditching and pitch damping are to be modelled and investigated.  Coupling with structural and multi-body dynamics codes allows full and complex FSI studies to be undertaken.

Thermal Analysis: Thermal studies can be carried out using XFlow, the results being fully coupled with the flow regime. This enables XFlow to be used for a wide range of conjugate heat transfer.


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