XFlow CFD Manufacturing

Fans and Mixers: Rotating objects like fans and mixers have been challenging for CFD systems in the past, but the moving body functionality in XFlow makes them a realistic proposition for accurage representations. The LES turbulence model enhances the results quality in these difficult and complex devices. It is also possible to use a conventional fan boundary condition for less challenging projects.

Nozzles and Sprays: Fluid droplets and atomisation can be modelled using free surfaces or the multiphase flow solver. Adaptive refinement improves definition where the droplets are splashing against objects and surfaces. This makes XFlow ideal for applications like windscreen washers.

Valves and Pumps:  Like fans and turbines, valves and pumps have traditionally provided challenges for CFD engineers. By modelling the transients which occur during operation additional design insights can be obtained, and the moving geometry can capture port opening dynamics.

Thermal management: Electronics packaging and ensuing thermal management issues are a staple of the CFD world and its workflows, and XFlow offers all the functionality necessary for these projects.


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