XFlow CFD Marine

The features of XFlow mean that it finds many applications in the world of marine engineering.

Hydro-dynamic: Free surface flows with adaptive wake refinement allow engineers to calculate the resistance of hulls, assess seakeeping and determine the flow characteristics of open channels.

Moving part: Whether it’s the behaviour of a ships hull or a tidal turbine submerged beneath the water XFlow can handle 6 degrees of freedom in the motion of unrestrained bodies.

Waves: Using Stokes theory XFlow can generate waves which can be used in seakeeping studies, assessments of bouys and other free floating and fixed machinery and devices.

Sailing: Using a combination of the above features and two phase flow, models of sailing vessels can be created and run. A number of cosimulation options open the gate for coupled analyses, further increasing scope and realism.

XFlow CFD Marine







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