Contact in Simulation

Robust & Reliable Contact Functionality

Efficient and accurate contact modeling is arguably the single greatest challenge in the world of simulation today. Few simulation codes offer contact functionality as robust and reliable as Abaqus.

Contact isn’t just about the solver.  It starts by generating meshes accurately enough to represent the contacting surfaces properly, progresses by being able to simulate the contact mechanics whilst stabilizing the problem adequately, and finishes up by being able to plot both contact specific results and diagnostic data on the model.  Without that joined up approach contact will always be more of a challenge than it needs to be.

Abaqus Contact in Simulation


Abaqus Contact in Simulation

Industry Leading Contact Capabilities

Abaqus not only has industry leading contact capabilities, with a flexible approach to the way in which they are set up, but as standard it comes with a range of solution technologies which give the analyst somewhere to go when problems become challenging.  Explicit and CEL solutions both offer novel approaches to contact which give the simulation engineer creative ways to solve complex and challenging interactions between parts bodies, and even fluids.

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